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Belgian Business Club

In March 2005, the Belgian Business Club was launched in Athens. Its aim is to establish a first contact between Belgian businessmen and leaders of Belgian interests in Greece. The creation of this Business Club responds to the expectation and the objective of practical and concrete information exchange with our business community. 

Contact person of the Belgian Business Club is Ms. Geneviève Wlazel (tel.: 210/3610120-5, fax: 210/3610117, email). 


Belgian School in Athens (EBSA)

Director: Jan Driessen (UCL) 
Secretary general: Panagiotis Iossif (ULg) 
Address: Makri 11, GR-117 42 Athens 
Tel.: 210/3647102, 
Fax: 210/3647103 
Email : info@ebsa.info

Belgian archaeologists have been working in Greece ever since the beginning of the 20th century, mostly in collaboration with the French School at Athens. In 1960, Herman Mussche began excavations on the Haghios Nikolaos peninsula at Thorikos. In 1961, Ioannis Papadimitriou, director of the Greek Archaeological Service, proposed a joint excavation of Thorikos by Belgian and Greek archaeologists.

In 1962, the “National centre for excavations abroad” was founded in Belgium which was going to supervise the Belgian excavations in Greece. The excavations at Thorikos started in 1963. They were directed by Professor Mussche (1963-1997) and Mrs. Doris Vanhove (1998-2002).

In 1965, the “National centre for excavations abroad” was transformed into the “Committee for Belgian excavations in Greece”. In the early ‘70’s, the excavation house was built at Thorikos. It became the base of the Belgian Archaeological Mission until 2003 and grew into a research centre with all necessary facilities for scholars. In 1985, the Greek Government granted the Belgian Mission the status of a permanent School.

In 1999, a new non-profit association called “Belgian Archaeological School in Greece” was founded in Belgium which was replaced, in 2002, by the “Centre for archaeological research in Greece”(BCAOG-CBRAG), the Board of Directors of the “Belgian School at Athens” (EBSA). The School, a Greek non-profit society which has its seat in Athens, was established in 2003. Dr. Christiane Tytgat became the new director. 

The Belgian School at Athens is operative on the ancient sites of Sissi (UCL) and Itanos (ULB) in Crete and Thorikos (UGent and ULg) in Attica. Numerous scientific activities (conferences, colloquia, publications, exhibitions) are organized by the EBSA which aims not only to contribute to Greek civilization but wishes also to make Belgian scientific contributions accessible to a larger audience both in Greece and Belgium.



The Belgian-Hellenic Association

Where Belgians living in Greece and Greeks having a professional or personal relationship with Belgium come together. Lots of Greek members have been studying in Belgium.

Organizes entertaining and social activities such as Saint-Nicholas for the children on 6th December, yearball end of January, one or two excursions and exhibition visits or a dinner in a tavern.

For more information or subscription, please contact Mr. Michel De Landtsheer, President, mob.: 6936713502, email: dlparchitects@otenet.gr, Ms. Yvette Stathopoulou-Schroeders, general secretary, tel.: 210 6005416 or 210 6396938, email: yvette_athenes@yahoo.fr. Annual subscription fee is 20€ per family, deposit on Eurobank account n° 0026.0234.43.0100298106quoting name of the subscriber. 


The Flemish Circle

The 'Vlaamse Kring' in Greece, founded in 1985, is an association for and by the Flemish, the Dutch speaking and their sympathizers who stay in Greece on a permanent or temporary basis.

It aims at bringing the Flemish and their families staying in Greece together and helping the newcomers to integrate smoothly in the local Flemish and Greek communities. Activities are organized for children (Saint-Nicholas, collecting Easter eggs) and adults such as excursions, cultural visits, dinners etc.

For more information, consult the website www.vlaamse-kring.gr & https://www.facebook.com/groups/520796021429900 or send an email: bestuur@vlaamse-kring.gr.


Vlamingen in de Wereld (ViW)

This is a worldwide network for Flemish expats.
Contact in Greece : Mr. Theo Dirix


Union Francophone des Belges à l’étranger

Association for French speaking Belgians abroad
Contact Greece : Ms. Yvette Schroeders-Stathopoulos