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Belgian Business Club

In March 2005, the Belgian Business Club was launched in Athens. Its aim is to establish a first contact between Belgian businessmen and leaders of Belgian interests in Greece. The creation of this Business Club responds to the expectation and the objective of practical and concrete information exchange with our business community. 

Contact person of the Belgian Business Club is Ms. Geneviève Wlazel (tel.: 210/3610120-5, fax: 210/3610117, email).

Belgian School in Athens (EBSA)

Directοr: Prof. Tsingarida Athena (,
Assistant Directοr: Dr. Kalantzopoulou Tina

Address: Makri 11, GR-117 42  Athene  
Tel.: 210-3647102, 
Fax: 210-3647103 
E-mail :

EBSA's website:


Belgian archaeologists have been actively involved in excavations in Greece since the early 20th century, primarily in collaboration with the French School at Athens. In 1960, Herman Mussche initiated excavations on the Haghios Nikolaos peninsula at Thorikos. Recognizing the potential for joint exploration, in 1961, Ioannis Papadimitriou, director of the Greek Archaeological Service, proposed a collaboration between Belgian and Greek archaeologists. The "National Centre for Excavations Abroad" was established in Belgium in 1962 to oversee Belgian excavations in Greece, and the Thorikos excavations officially began in 1963.

In 1985, the Greek Government granted the Belgian Mission the esteemed status of a permanent School. Subsequently, in 1999, a non-profit association named the "Belgian Archaeological School in Greece" was founded, later replaced by the "Centre for Archaeological Research in Greece" (BCAOG-CBRAG) in 2002. The "Belgian School at Athens" (EBSA), a Greek non-profit society based in Athens, was established in 2003.

Thorikos, represents the oldest project of the Belgian School. Over the years, it has evolved into a multidisciplinary and international effort, involving more than 65 researchers from 30 universities and research institutions worldwide. Prof. Roald Docter and Dr. Sylviane Dederix currently serve as the Directors.

In addition to Thorikos, the Belgian School is actively engaged in other significant projects. The UCLouvain team, under the direction of Prof. J. Driessen and Dr. Charlotte Langohr, explores the archaeological site on the Bouffos hill at Sissi in East Crete. Meanwhile, the site of Itanos in Palaikastro, East Crete, has been under exploration since 2011 by a team directed by Prof. A. Tsingarida and Prof. D. Viviers from ULB, revealing an Archaic building alongside an extensive necropolis.

For more detailed information on these fieldwork projects, you can visit the respective websites:

1. Thorikos Archaeological Research Project - TARP, Laurion, East Attica (Ghent University)



2. Sissi Project, East Crete (UCLouvain)

site 1:

site 2:


 3. Itanos Fieldwork Project, Palaikastro, East Crete (ULB)


Photo collage of archaeological excavations in Greece

The Belgian-Hellenic Association of friends

The Friends of Belgian Circle of Athens was founded in 1975. In 1985, it merged with the association of Greek graduates from Belgian universities and colleges. Since then, the association has been called the Belgian-Hellenic Association of Friends. (That same year, Dutch speakers established a Flemish Circle; see further below).

For nearly fifty years, the association, especially under the impetus of Yvette Schroeders Stathopoulos, Founder and Honorary Chairman, and Michel De Landtsheer, brought together Belgians living in Greece. It also included numerous Greeks who spent their student years in Belgium or have a connection with our country.

Annually, alternately but in collaboration with the Flemish Circle, a Saint Nicholas feast and an annual ball are organized. Excursions, visits to exhibitions, or simply a dinner in a tavern are also on the agenda.

Like all associations since COVID, the Belgian-Hellenic Association is currently seeking a new impetus, with Mery Dimitriou, Guy Molla, and chairman Theo Dirix.

Facebook page:

Email for more information, including the monthly newsletter 'Billet doux':

Vlaamse Kring

The 'Vlaamse Kring' in Greece, founded in 1985, is an association for and by the Flemish, the Dutch speaking and their sympathizers who stay in Greece on a permanent or temporary basis.

It aims at bringing the Flemish and their families staying in Greece together and helping the newcomers to integrate smoothly in the local Flemish and Greek communities. Activities are organized for children (Saint-Nicholas, collecting Easter eggs) and adults such as excursions, cultural visits, dinners etc.

For more information, consult the website & or send an email:

Flemings in the World

Flemings in the World is a foundation that, with 85 representatives worldwide, aims to be a bridge between expatriate Flemings and the Flemish community of 'individuals, companies, and government' in Belgium.

The foundation assists Flemings who wish to leave or return. It informs expatriates through digital and analog publications and in webinars. The foundation also aims to promote Flemish culture and the Dutch language abroad.

The representative in Greece (and member of the board) is Theo Dirix.

Facebook page:

Email for more information, including the monthly newsletter:

Union Francophone des Belges à l’étranger

Association for French speaking Belgians abroad

Contact Greece : Ms. Yvette Schroeders-Stathopoulos