Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Greece

How to apply

1. To apply for a visa, please always first submit your application form electronically on the FPS Foreign Affairs website: https://visaonweb.diplomatie.be .

Please check carefully all the information given before validating the application form online. It won’t be possible to make any change/adaptation afterwards.

2. You will be able to book an appointment only when/if the form online is completed, (on the same webpage, you will be redirected automatically to the appointment booking system, once the application form completed).

The Embassy will not accept any appointment’s requests if the online form is not completed.

3. Be sure that you have all the other required documents when you come at the Embassy the day of your appointment.

Don’t forget to print and to signed two copies of the application form that you have completed online.

To know what are the (other) required documents that you have to submit, please see here.