Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Greece

Belgium in Greece and Cyprus

Belgium in Greece and Cyprus

Travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Are you currently a Belgian stranded abroad? We do everything we can to find a solution together with you. Check out what you can do yourself: https://diplomatiebe.tappable.dev

For further questions, you can contact us by email at
Athens@diplobel.fed.be or by phone at +30 210 361 78 87. Also keep an eye on our Facebook page.

As Minister Goffin pointed out in his letter of 17 March, we have to cope with exceptional circumstances and some patience is sometimes required. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Our team is committed to assist you. By registering on Travellers Online, you will be kept informed of possible options for returning to Belgium, including commercial flights.

For flights chartered by a country other than Belgium under the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, please note that the number of seats available for Belgian citizens is the exclusive competence of the State that organized this flight. If there are not enough seats for all Belgians who wish to return, priority will be given to the most vulnerable compatriots (health, serious conditions) or those who travel with very young children.

If you have to stay abroad for a longer period than expected, please note that in many countries there are Belgian expats who share useful tips or temporary solutions in the #Belgiansforeachother group.



The Cypriot government has decided to gradually ease the 'lock down', which was imposed on March 24 and strengthened on March 31. The second phase of the lifting of the restriction measures started on 21st May. The new measures are listed in this document.

On May 22, the Cypriot government announced the arrangements for the gradual resumption of air connections and the conditions for welcoming tourists to the island.

Since June 9, all persons wishing to travel to Cyprus must register and complete an online form on the following website: https://cyprusflightpass.gov.cy/.

Since that same date, a gradual resumption of commercial flights has been observed. This is done in different phases, per country groups (A and B) depending on the degree of contamination. Belgium was included in list B, which allows passengers traveling from Belgian airports to enter the Cypriot territory since 20 June, provided they have undergone a PCR test less than 72 hours before boarding. The access conditions are set out in this document.

In case of emergency, Belgians in Cyprus can contact the Embassy or the local authorities for assistance.



Access to Greek territory

From 1st July onwards, passengers from the airports that are included in the EASA's A list will be tested on a random basis only and exempted from the obligation of self-isolation. They can then head towards their final destination (24 hours). In case of a positive test, they will be contacted and quarantined at the expense of the Greek State.  

International flights are authorised to all Greek airports. Visitors must fill an online form minimum 48 hours prior to the arrival on the Greek territory on http://travel.gov.gr.


Deconfinement in Greece

On April 28, the Greek government announced its plan to ease the restrictions. This will be done in several steps: from May 4, May 11, May 18, June 1 and July 1. On the basis of a regular evaluation of the evolution of the pandemic in the country, the measures in force will be adapted step by step. Any measure can be reviewed or abolished if the situation deteriorates. Hygiene measures and social distance must be respected at all times.

The first phase of this phase-out started on Monday 4 May 2020.  From that date, the following measures have taken effect:

Mandatory wearing of a mouth mask

As of May 4, wearing a mouth mask is mandatory for citizens (either a cloth or other mask) on public transportation, taxis, elevators, hospitals, doctor's offices, and medical analysis laboratories. It is strongly recommended but is not mandatory to wear a mask in closed areas (shops, administrative services, ...) for both customers and employees. This also applies to overcrowded public spaces where social safety distance is difficult to respect.

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory for seniors (strong recommendation to stay at home).

Movement of persons - Public transport

To move around, it is recommended, if possible, to prefer a private means of transport (3 people may travel in the same vehicle)

The frequency of public transportation has increased during peak hours and the vehicles are systematically disinfected. Wearing a mask (cloth or other) is mandatory for employees and all users of public transport.

Only one passenger is admitted in taxis, with the exception of an escort / parent for children or an escort for vulnerable persons. Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory.

Access to the islands / Movement of people

Full lifting of traffic restrictions across the continent and to the islands.

Reopening of restaurants and bars

Opening of restaurants and cafeterias, for table service only on the terrace and in semi-open spaces..

Leisure, physical activities

Opening of yachting activities.



Countries worldwide are taking steps to contain the corona virus and to stop the pandemic. So many countries are taking quarantine measures or closing their borders that normal passage across borders cannot be guaranteed. The risk for Belgian citizens to get blocked is so high that it is not advised to travel abroad.

Those currently traveling in Greece are requested to contact their tour operator or airline to return to Belgium as soon as possible and register on the website www.travellersonline.diplomatie.be

In case of emergency, those involved should report to the Embassy or contact the local authorities for assistance.


Because of the preventive measures taken by the Belgian and Greek governments to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the Embassy of Belgium in Athens will only receive personally in urgent cases, by appointment only between 10 am and 12 noon until further notice.

We remain available by phone: (+30) 210 36 17 886 as well as by e-mail: athens@diplobel.fed.be



08 Aug

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence, Philippe Goffin, just announced that a C130 military transport aircraft will leave from Melsbroek to Beirut tonight at 8pm with urgent medical and humanitarian equipment for the victims of the huge explosion. Besides the victims and wounded, the enormous devastation has also left many people homeless. To help them, material for temporary shelter will also be sent along.

17 Jul

The world of multilateral diplomacy and international justice - of which the International Criminal Court is part - is going through a deep crisis and has to face threats and hostile action. The relevance of multilateral institutions is being questioned and countries are increasingly withdrawing into themselves. On International Justice Day, Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin emphasizes that Belgium will continue its efforts to strengthen the rule of law and the unique and essential role of the International Criminal Court.

12 Jul

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, Philippe Goffin, welcomes the compromise reached by the members of the United Nations Security Council, which extends the "cross-border" mechanism aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people for 12 months via the Bab al-Hawa border point. However, the possibilities for delivering humanitarian aid through Bab al-Salam need to be improved.

11 Jul

July 11, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Srebrenica genocide. It was on July 11, 1995 that the town of Srebrenica fell into the hands of Bosnian-Serb forces led by General Ratko Mladic. In the days that followed, in less than a week they abducted and murdered more than 8,000 people, mostly men and teenagers, simply because they were Bosniacs.

04 Jul

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken up all habits and forced everyone to review certain operating modes. This was also the case for the FPS Foreign Affairs, where teleworking was the rule, even though it had to carry out one of its fundamental tasks: assisting Belgians abroad. Not simple when the crisis was worldwide: “It is as if you had 200 earthquakes and many aftershocks at the same time, including in Belgium”, says Minister Goffin.